Entrepreneurial Work

Entrepreneurial enterprises have become a popular phenomenon. There are a couple of factors that contribute to this new trend. Social media has made marketing very accessible for individuals to reach thousands of viewers/customers/readers. In addition, the fluidity of today’s economy has resulted in job layoffs and elimination of the typical career path. For some pursuing entrepreneurial work can be from wanting to avoid drama of a typical workplace, or to pursue a creative vision or dream. For others it may be an opportunity to turn a hobby or a side project into a marketable product. Whatever your reasons may be to pursue entrepreneurial work it is important to understand a few basic guidelines before diving in.If at first you don’t succeed- try try again. Entrepreneurial empires and superstars doesn’t happen over night. Successful enterprises are trial and errors and sometimes just pure luck. The ability to keep on trying when the chips are down and pick up the pieces is perhaps one of the most valuable skills and entrepreneur can possess. Maintaining a positive outlook is key for success.There have been many studies done on the behaviors of success. Of these attributes are constant learning, technical proficiency, self-confidence, co-dependence, risk taking, and measurements and responsive. These unique attributes in entrepreneurial individuals make for good bosses and essentially good creators for those looking to get into this type of work. In addition, strategic thinking can help build an individual’s life and business based on goals, objectives and vision for a project. Strategic work is very important and should be an absolute priority every day no matter what happens.A life coach can assist with working on positive psychology and other attentional training methods. These skills improve willingness to learn and cultivate passion and knowledge into tangible and marketable assets that can result in a successful enterprise. With a strong focus on positive psychology the entrepreneur creates a positive work environment for high productivity and employee satisfaction.Getting organized and creating good work habits for entrepreneurial work is key. For many the concept of working for free is a foreign concept. However, one of the plights of entrepreneurial work is spending a large amount of unpaid hours helping your business grow. For many individuals these projects are low budget so the tasks of the mundane parts of the business are included in this work. The ability to be able to do the boring work in addition with the exciting and fun work is key. Creative ideas must be fresh but the logistics of seeing these ideas through is what sets successful enterprises apart from others. For work habit suggestions and self teaching exercises there are many resources that help make this possible.Pursuing entrepreneurial work can be a wonderful opportunity to live your ideal life and to also contribute to the society around you. While this path can be a frustrating and difficult path entrepreneurial work can be an excellent opportunity for creating a work environment that is meaningful to them.

Global Economic Downturn or Greatest Entrepreneurial Opportunity of This Millennium?

It certainly looks like we are going through really difficult times on a global and to a lesser extent a national scale. What seems to be real doom and gloom for some is in fact the greatest opportunity that has come the way of entrepreneurial thinking people with vision. If you are willing to make the shift and be one of the people that are able to see this economic turmoil as the perfect storm for entrepreneurship, you will look back in 20 to 30 years’ time and fondly remember these challenging economic times as the greatest window of opportunity for any entrepreneur. It is over the next few really challenging months (18 – 24), that the great entrepreneurial thinkers will begin to shine and the wildly successful companies that will lead the way tomorrow will be born.I have no crystal ball, which I spend my days gazing into, that is allowing me to make these accurate predictions. Are you aware that 16 out of the Dow 30 companies were started in a recession or even a depression, companies that like Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, McDonalds and even Disney that are now market leaders? All these companies were tiny entrepreneurial start-ups at one point, are now behemoths within their respective industries. There has never been a better time to make the choice to set your entrepreneurial thinking free and to explore new opportunities.There is a massive shake-up occurring and the decks around who holds the capital are being rearranged and shuffled. The global financial crisis and economic downturn has most certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons and disrupted the status quo. It is these very disruptions and challenges that offer the greatest opportunity for new clear thinking entrepreneurs. During the sunny times, when everything is running smoothly, it is difficult for any new entrepreneurial enterprise to penetrate a new market or to really stamp their mark on any industry. During challenging times and economic turmoil, the playing fields are levelled and new opportunities are up for grabs, if entrepreneurs are willing to identify all these great opportunities that abound and grab hold of them with both hands. Industry is giving birth to the new market leaders right now; these are the people that are willing to allow themselves to search beyond the obvious, to explore the limits of possibility and to set their entrepreneurial selves free. You could be one of these remarkable people.The very challenges that this global economic downturn has created are the very fuel that great entrepreneurs feed upon. The huge amount of challenges that need to be solved are the very catalyst that will ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in many new entrepreneurs and trigger new ideas and concepts that do not even exist today. The entrepreneurial people that are willing and able to create the solutions to today’s challenges, will become the beneficiaries of great rewards and will become the new leaders of tomorrow.The final benefit of the current economic turmoil, which can be exploited by entrepreneurial thinkers, that are able to think beyond the obvious, is that everything is on sale. It is far cheaper for anyone entering the market to equip, build and market their new business. Suppliers are more flexible and open to new ideas and places to sell their goods and services, there is a huge pool of untapped talent waiting in the unemployment lines, waiting for the opportunity to work with exciting new companies with new big ideas.There has never been a more opportune time to look around you and to try to see all the wonderful opportunities that are available to entrepreneurs. Stop looking around and seeing only doom and gloom, open your mind and see these challenges as opportunities to expand and grow, opportunities to find solutions to life’s current challenges and you can be one of the people that rides the wave of this current recession and becomes one of the leaders of tomorrow.Author: Andrew Horton Time Managementhttp://www.andrewhorton.co.za